Auliya Allah

Spiritualism and Magnetism

The modern scientific thought has undergone metamorphic changes over ages. Its spirit, however, has constantly remained to justify the existing fact on rational grounds. Eventually, the twentieth century has witnessed an unimaginable scientific advancement that has assigned a vital role to man on the globe in the conquest of the universe.

In the quest of knowledge, the modern man has also discovered that the centuries old concepts about religion are contrary to the scientific thought and, therefore, need to be either discarded or made compatible with the scientific method. This is the challenge that the religious scholars and theologians have failed to face. Instead of analyzing the problem on scientific basis, they have adhered to their timeworn ideologies with a practical surrender to the materialistic values in vogue. Even the torchbearers, the so-called intellectuals and modern scholars of Islam who pretend to be abreast with the modern scientific thought have given in to the onslaught of modern sciences and in secret depths of their hearts feel nervous how to defend their position. They are doing more harms than good by defending their post with archaic weapons.

However, towards the dawn of new millennium, there has risen one guiding star on the intellectual horizon that has showered rays of his effulgent wisdom on the modern mind fallen prey to stray ideologies. Equipped adequately with the scientific and religious knowledge, he has given the call to modern man that Islam is the religion that, ever since its revelation, has the scientific bases which the modern scientific thought is now claiming to discover and further needs to explore in its totality. What Descartes and his successors (Locke, Barkeley, Hume, Kant and Hobbes, Montesquieu, Mill and Benthem and others) did to promote scientific method and rational thought in Europe, has been accomplished in the world of theology, single-handedly by Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. The world has already recognized him as ‘outstanding man of the century’ and ‘leading intellectual of the world.’

This is not in our purview here to reckon the contributions made by Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to the modern Islamic thought and its reconstruction. Nor can we measure his achievements in clearing and purifying Islamic ideology from muddling of various ‘isms’ wrought over centuries. But the aspect of his intellectual ventures focussed here relates to a sensitive issue that has disintegrated the intellectual unity of Muslim thinkers and their followers.

Who is ‘Wali’ and what role he plays in spreading light of divine guidance among the believers is a question that has been answered divergently under the reflective influences alien to Islam. A huge reservoir of literature exists on Mysticism, Islamic Mysticism, Pantheism and Transcendentalism, nature of Mystic Experience, its variety, allied philosophies and schools of thought. The antagonists too have generated colossal works proving it contrary to the ‘true Islam’ and labeling it as an impious innovation in the approved Islamic code of life. This controversy has inflicted serious damage to the modern Muslim mind leading the young educated Muslims all over the world to desperation and abhorrence from Islam. They are confused and blatantly question the intellectual validity and logical wellbeing of Islamic thought. The Muslim scholars engaged in this unfortunate controversy, however, ill afford any attempt to recover from the ‘spin’. They drastically lack in advanced knowledge and are unaware of the ‘phenomena’ of modern scientific mind. Being the odd ones, they now stay out of this war of wits, which has spread over East and West. How to satisfy the modern scientific mind on the question of Islamic Spiritualism, its nature and significance; the ‘Friends of Allah’- Auliya, their role and task, status and dignity and the phenomenology of spiritual experience is an uphill task which Prof. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri, however, has performed with tantamount facility, authority and command.

Without entangling himself in sterile controversy on mysticism and its various ‘schools’ and types, he has taken the Holy Qur’an as the basic and exclusive source of his logic. He triumphantly convinces the reader that a Wali Allah (a friend of Allah), whether a mystic or a saint (whatever term one may use to describe him), is a spiritually privileged Muslim. He acquires heavenly acquaintance and proximity to Allah through absolute obedience to and an overpowering love and adoration for the Holy Prophet (A). He then himself becomes a source of spiritual bliss and inspiration for those who stand fast in his company.

Simultaneously, endowed with a vividly historic insight, he educates the modern Muslim mind how, centuries ago, the Muslim scholars defeated their rival thinkers employing the then contemporary logic against them. He emphatically exhorts all educated Muslims of the world to acquire perfect knowledge of modern logic and defeat the antagonists of Islam who have joined hands against the ‘Ummah’ with an intention to shake the solid spiritual realities which are the bases of Islamic thought and ideology. Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, the intellectual spirit of our age, the divine genius of the new millennium and a ‘Friend of Allah’ has a sagacious eye on rise and fall of the Muslim and non-Muslim empires. He possesses a vision that penetrates into future and clearly discerns the impending dangers and their remedies.

While handling this most difficult and controversial subject of Islamic spiritual philosophy, disseminating it to the modern inquisitive mind, he has adopted an easy and logical style to communicate the ideas with the help of similitudes and parables and enviably sublime and inspiring expression. This is exactly the style of exposition and elucidation manifest in the Holy Quran where the divine principles and the spiritual realities of life are made home to man loud and clear through parables and similitudes. While explaining the nature of friendship with Almighty Allah he has based his arguments on the verses of the Holy Qur’an and has taken similitude from modern scientific subjects specially ‘Magnetism’ and ‘Electric Charge’. The concept of ‘Spiritual Magnetism’ and ‘Spiritual Charge’ enabling Auliya Allah to get into the ‘spiritual channel’ which originates from the Holy Messenger (A) is a dazzlingly unique and exceptional addition to the existing literature on Islamic Spiritualism. It attracts and convinces the modern educated reader and deletes his disbelief in spiritual values. It irrefutably proves that the phenomenology of Islamic Spiritualism is compatible with the modern scientific method. This dissertation in this way is, by any standard, a classic piece of literature produced on the subject.

This work, besides spiritualism, also enlightens the reader on ventures of modern science especially in the field of parapsychology. An account of scientific research into finding the underlying reality of psychic experiences and supplying empirical interpretations to extra-sensory perception (ESP) and out-of-body-experience (OBE) has added substantial value to intellectual status of this exposition. The glimpses from spiritual life of Auliya, of their divine experiences in comparison to ESPs, OBEs and the concept of an infinite power within man, highlighting the real significance of Islamic Spiritualism, invite the scientific mind to struggle if it can and belie the spiritual reality. When they decline to disbelieve in psychic reality and its wonders on electromagnetic ground, how can they decline to believe in spirituality of real self of man, its special link with Allah and its acquired infinite spiritual competence towards conquering the universe, demonstrated by Auliya Allah. Studying spiritualism in the perspective of most modern scientific investigation in the field of parapsychology is an amazingly emphatic maiden attempt in the field. It has indeed opened the doors, to embrace Islamic Faith, on those who have been enabled by this study to develop their belief in Islamic Spiritualism on rational scientific grounds. We the believers, welcome this courage to convert to Islam on this rational basis.

Auliya’s Life after Death

The Holy Quran confirms that “Ashab-e-Kahf” spent three centuries like a few hours. When they inquired after waking up as to how long they had slept, one of them retorted, “a day or a little more”. The time they had actually spent according to the Holy Quran was three centuries, hence undeniable. Nonetheless, their clothes had not worn and the physical well being was intact, as if they had a nap, which restored their strength and vitality.

Then, one of them was assigned to take coins they possessed and go to bazaar to make some purchases. When he paid the coins the shopkeeper felt bewildered and gazed at his customer in astonishment as to wherefrom he had brought centuries-old coins. He refused to accept the payment in the out-dated and antiquated coins. The customer, one of the Ashab-e-Kahf, said, “We took these coins with us a day before.” The shopkeeper replied, “how is it possible? I don’t understand wherefrom have you brought these centuries-old coins.” On that the customer looked curiously at every thing around and felt puzzled to find them changed altogether. Such ‘Auliya Allah blessed with vision’ stay in caves for centuries but their physical conditions remain unchanged, natural and normal. Similarly, such people with vision, in-transit, spend thousands of years in graves and this period passes like a few hours. It is not a contrived parable. The Holy Qur’an has revealed it. Auliya Allah even after their physical transfer from this world, live with an intuition of Allah. What to talk of the Holy Messenger (A) who came to distribute the boon of life among the lifeless! And this holy distribution is continuously on even today!

The System of Electric Supply and the Contact with Auliya Allah

The current system of electric power supply allegorically well-explains the channels of Aulia or Mystics in the world. Acquisition of bounties from them is relative to one’s own caliber. It would be ridiculous on one’s part to look for an electric connection directly from a Dam. How can you get a direct connection from a Dam? There is a system of electric power supply; it has its own lines that are to be strictly followed. The electricity travels from Tarbella Dam to powerhouses, further to power stations, then to transformers up to our houses according to a particular measure. After getting a connection from a transformer we use stabilizers and fuses for the safety of electric appliances. We take these safety measures because the electric points in our houses are never so strong to accept high voltage. Such a system is called Silsila, Channel.

In similitude of this electric power supply system we can better comprehend the spiritual channels and their utility and activation. Allah   has blessed the universe with a spiritual reservoir (Dam) spread from the depths of the Earth beyond the skies to the divine privacy and solitude. From this Dam, the transfer and distribution of kindness, special attention, amiable attachment, favours and bounties the world over, is accomplished in the universe through different well-organized channels. This reservoir of spiritual bounties, kindness, compassion, love and affection is the most eminent holy personality of the most revered and adored Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (A). To pass his bliss to all the believers, there are enormous ‘Channels’ of Allah’s friends that work like ‘power distribution system’ i.e. the distribution system of spiritual power, force or energy. These Friends distribute this supply according to the recipient’s caliber. The system is destined to last till the Day of Judgement.

The Auliya Allah have vitalized and strengthened the link of their Channels with our beloved and most adorable Prophet (A). Through extreme hard work, extraordinary spiritual labour and self-strife, they take bounties directly from the source. Everyone cannot afford a direct connection from the Dam. The common believers are, therefore, strictly advised to persist with the companionship of Aulia and through this persistent association with them acquire the spiritual charity they are destined to obtain.

Allah   has established this system of Spiritual Channels. It is a continued flow of light, furnishing the humanity with Allah’s bounties. Denying this system of Spiritual Channels means denial of reason, awareness and the system of sustenance provision by the Sustainer.

Tazkia: Cessation of Sinful Resistance

In terms of electricity, Tazkia is ‘cessation of all resistance against electric charge’. In terms of Islamic mysticism ‘Tazkia’ implies elimination of all resistance from sinful urges, lusts and evil impulses which come in our way to Allah’s proximity. The mystics term this experience in spiritualism as ‘Tazkia’ or purification. The Holy Qur’an signifies Tazkia as:

Triumphant indeed is he who purifies himself (of afflictions of self and sins’ pollution) .[1]

Corresponding to this allegory of Super Electro Magnetic System, Auliâ through self-strife, and self-control get rid of all lusts and low impulses like anger, jealousy, vanity, revenge etc.’ which impede our way to Allah  . They cool their ‘self’ down and look like an embodiment of this Qur’anic verse:

They control anger, tolerate others faults and follies (working for their betterment) and Allah love those who strive to make up others’ deficiencies.[2]

As the Super Electro Magnet gets charged through cessation of resistance and works wonders in the physical world Allah’s Friends likewise, get purified from wrong impulses and worldly urges and absorb the bounties of Allah   and His Messenger (A). So charged with spiritual energy, they perform wonders in the worldly life. Through this metamorphosis, their hearts work like conducting magnets. The Electro Magnet is passed through a particular process to make Super Conducting Magnet, which is then processed through Nuclear Magnetic Resonant. When a patient is placed before it, all his internal organs invisible to naked eye become discernable. The scanner with magnetic capability distinctly perceives all that is hidden and concealed inside the physical body. The ‘Auliya Allah’ through purification process acquire a vision which penetrates like a scanner and discern, through their internal (magnetic) awareness, things which are hidden may be thousand miles distant, and know the unseen. They can perceive that which the naked eye cannot see. They can look into and ahead of time.

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